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Stargate Fanzine Redemption 4

Redemption 4

A Period of Silent Reflection by Julie Fortune: Yellow Aliens, and I couldn’t help but think of Jack and his Simpsons. Not that I thought about that long, as the story swept me away in an emotional roller coaster.  Jack’s. Very good story, and even though I knew it was Jack in a machine, it made me cry. For this story that’s a good thing.

Thick by L.A Carr: Only one thing I can say about this. Nice to read that Jack isn’t that dumb after all.  Easy to read and enjoy.  Jack is speaking another language. Wow. (smile)

When You’re Least Expecting It by Tiv’ester: Nice to read about Fallen, but this time with a little more thought brought into it than the episode. Always a bonus when fans write a story “between” the scenes.

Words by Sheila Paulson:  Made me wanna look up Anagrams on the Internet. Very original story. Had fun trying to figure out what was going on, and later to figure these anagrams out even more. Don’t know who was more frustrated, Daniel, Jack or me. Haha.

Dream Team by Darcy:  It was very interesting to read about SG1 through the eyes of someone else, the Newbie. You made Andrew a very likable character though, and I could really imagine his reactions to the “infamous” SG1. I liked this very much!

Mri Di Ankh by Nefret: Another season 7 story. I don’t mind that. I certainly don’t mind the way this story talks about what happened after Fallen and Homecoming. Short but satisfying as I like to read about Daniel and his confusion. Glad he’s back. Thanks for this story.

Promises Made by Kiva:  Reflections of Daniel and Jack talking about the people they loved and lost are always sad but this one was also hopeful. It gave them hope for the future and gave the reader (me) not such a sad feeling after all. Let them talk like this more often.

Hush by Joag: A very good old fashioned Hurt/Comfort story. Hurt them and heal them. I couldn’t stop until everyone was feeling a little better again. At the end of course.

Rubicon by Nancy Richardson: I always enjoy Jack and Daniel being connected in some way to each other. (hmm, see my story, haha) So, this story was very interesting. The concept and plot were great. I liked the ‘balls’ turning into an old man. Still, what did Daniel tell him the older man/image looked like at the end? (Although I liked Jack’s Homer) Good team stuff in this one as well.

It’s Never What You Think by K Hanna Korossy:  A very good thought of team story. I also liked the plot. Asgard ship forgets O’Neill. Oww… A real team story, where all the characters of SG1 get a chance to do their work, and to be who they are. They are all very well written in this story. My compliments for that, as I know it’s hard to write for all of them that good. 

Rebirth by ETS: Oh boy, did I like this one. Fallen rewritten the way it should be. Well, I will never see Fallen again without this story in mind now. It was great to read what happened before and after SG1 found Daniel on that planet. You also did a great job at Shamda, and even Jonas was well written. This is marvellously done. Thanks so much.

Artwork: I also want to thank all the artists in this zine. I really enjoyed the illos that Lightfoot made with my story. It’s just great to see a thought of character come to life in a drawing. I always enjoy the manips, as they are very good. And of course Leah’s cartoons. Nice. All this artwork makes the reading even more enjoyable. They bring the zine to life.

And of course I want to thank Annie, for bringing these zines to us. All the hard work she does to edit all of our work. It’s great. — Wilma.

I've taken so long with this, you probably thought I wouldn't send it, but first there was school and finals, then the holidays and the kids being home on break, so I only got to the zine in the last week or so. At least there was no worry about being disappointed in my anticipation. :>

I have to tell you, it is such a relief to read this zine. I read it concurrently with another SG-1 zine that came out at ECon, and there was a chasm of difference between the two. No Jonas-centered stories, while at the same time no Jonas-bashing. No Jack & Sam romance-tinted stories to make me cringe. No pretending Daniel's loss wasn't a huge blow or that his return wasn't the team's gift of a lifetime. How nice to read a zine that concentrates on the friendships, the reason I got into SG-1 in the first place!

My favorite stories: definitely liked "Rebirth," too--solid writing, good filling-in-the-gaps including scenes I hadn't thought of, like Janet explaining Daniel's "death" to him. Interesting idea that Shamda and his people were Ascended. The one thing I missed was what I missed in the show, too, the sense of when Daniel's memories really returned and when there was that moment of realization he was who they'd said he was and that he was back where he belonged. But that didn't diminish the piece, not at all. I also loved the simplicity of "Promises Made." No crisis, no traumatic h/c, but a nice moment of friendship and--not an easy thing to write--a heartfelt conversation between Jack & Daniel that stayed in character. "Dream Team" I liked a lot more than I thought I would. Again, a subtle point made with humor and without major angst. I liked Andy a lot, too. He could have easily been 2D but Darcy made him a lot more complex than that. "Mri Di Ankh" was a little over-the-top emotionally but the humor saved it. I'm sure there were quite a few scenes like this after Daniel's return.

"Rubicon" and "It's Never What You Think"--how funny that Jack ended up singing "100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" in two different stories! What are the chances? I guess that's proof it fits his character. My one complaint with the former, as with "Hush" and "In Deed, In Words, In Spirit," is they all verge on too much hurt, hurt for the sake of h/c. I couldn't quite accept any of the bad guys' motives for inflicting the hurt. But then, I've never been a big angst fan!

"A Period of Silent Reflection" was fascinating in that it kept not turning out to be what I expected. I liked the twists in it. Still more torture than I'm comfortable with, and a bit more vague an ending than I like, but an interesting view of Jack. I think he would react this way to such a situation. "Words" and "Thick" both had scenarios I couldn't quite buy--Jack a closet PhD?--but they were fascinating and different enough--and thoroughly enjoyable--that I didn't mind. Again, a creative, new take on both the fandom staples of Jack's density and Daniel getting hurt. They were among the most fun of the stories in the zine. Of course, Leah's usual side-splitting cartoons also added to the fun factor. And I really liked the creative photo art, particularly Sheila's hieroglyph Daniel. And the pictures chosen for the cover--how funny! I'd love a bookmark of that, SG-1 at its quirky best. :> This zine series consistently has some of the most enjoyable artwork in this fandom.

Thank you for a delightful zine! — Best, Katalin

Ashton Press Redemption 3

Redemption 3

I had every intention of sending in an LOC on the zine earlier than this but real life got busy this summer. It’s only now I have a free weekend to sit down, read a terrific zine and get a LOC written. So here goes.

One of the features I enjoy in the Redemption zines is the variety of stories included. They can be team focused, Jack/Daniel friendship focused or friendship pairings of any of the four team members and always offer something different as far as the story line goes. I have not been disappointed yet with any of these zines and issue three is no exception.

The art was pleasing to look at, both cover and interior and a nice mixture of original and digital creations. I have a particular fondness for the Daniel illustration on page 33. The artwork served to enhance the stories, not distract from them. Leah’s cartoons are, per usual, biting and hilarious.

Now on to the fics.

It’s the Little Things

This was a gripping read for me. The Sam portrayed in the story is a Sam I can admire, respect and enjoy reading about. An independent woman who is a brilliant scientist as well as a capable soldier, a woman of great inner strength experiencing self doubts about her worth and her place on the team even after she survived the mission gone very bad. I also enjoyed the Janet and Jack interaction and felt it to be true to character. Daniel, of course, contributed by devising the “out of the box” idea to get the team safely home. There were a few twists in the story, none of which I expected. I hope to read more stories from this author in future issues.

Sanity Break

A nice angst ridden Daniel focused follow-up to Legacy with a little malevolent twist added in. I love reading Jack and Daniel friendship stories. This was a wonderful story of the reaffirmation of the bond between these two friends proving to Daniel that no matter what happens, he can always go to Jack for help.

Burden of Guilt

I’m not sure there is a correct moral solution to the end of Beast of Burden. But this story was a nice debate on the consequences, pro and con, resulting from a split second decision in the field. There is added angst because it was Daniel who chose the violent solution, one he normally avoids at all costs. A nice touch to have Hammond also put in his two cents worth. We never have enough of Hammond’s POV on situations.

What Remains to be Won

My thanks to the author for providing a believable explanation for the distance, which existed between the team and Daniel during Nemesis and Small Victories. Daniel was experiencing an emotional roller coaster in these two episodes, as well as prior ones, which was sorely ignored in the series. Now I have plausible explanations to fill in the blanks. I should add, surprise, the Jack and Daniel discussion at the end was my favorite part of the story.


This is the type of NID/conspiracy story I wouldn’t have minded seeing in the show at all. I always felt after Daniel’s behavior in season one, there would be “an agenda” from outside the SGC to get the meddling civilian out of the program. Unfortunately it was a plot thread the series never followed. Again there were enough plot twists and turns in this story to keep me guessing until the end how it would all be resolved.


I wasn’t too sure I would enjoy this Sam focused story concerning being put into a very embarrassing situation. But I did enjoy it. I try to view of Sam as “just one of the boys”. Now and then I need to be reminded she’s not. This team cares for each other and will do whatever it takes to help one of their own when something happens to them, even something which could be term embarrassing to the extreme.

Whipping Boy 101

I thought this was going to be a Danny whumper fic, because of the title but it wasn’t. Again, pleasantly surprised to read a story that I haven’t already determined the outcome. The turning of the tables at the end was unexpected. The idea of Jack demonstrating to Daniel in a rather realistic way, that he is stronger, emotionally, than he thinks and not the weak link on SG1 at all finally got Daniel to see his true worth.

My Friend Jack

Amusing little yarn base on Rudyard Kipling, but so SG1. Thanks to the author for providing chuckles with this humorous view of our favorite team.

Crossing the Abyss

Nice little introspection of Daniel’s POV after Abyss. It probably would have been more pertinent before Full Circle, but we have very few fics out now detailing Daniel’s life as a glowing octopus and I was glad to read this version. 

Hide and Seek

My first thought after finishing this story was, it would have made a terrific SG1 episode, probably a two parter. Great plot, lots of action, the story flowed and kept me turning the pages. Everyone was involved, and Daniel wasn’t the one in real trouble for a change. Normally, I find kid characters annoying but not the ones in this story. They were believable and I felt sympathy for their dilemma. Also tackled a lingering SG1 question, just where do the Goa’ulds get their ships from anyway?

Again, Annie, a terrific zine and I’m looking forward to issue 4. Thanks. — ETS

I left your zine as one of my last SG-1 zines to read because I like ending on a high note. Dessert, if you will. I wasn't disappointed. There wasn't a weak story in the lot and some of them picked up on some very interesting observations and points from the series and the characters that I really enjoyed delving into, like Daniel's wooden behavior in Into the Fire and why he often gets singled out for abuse. Good stuff, thought-provoking, not just entertaining.

"It's the Little Things" was fascinating for being a realistic, creatively plotted get-Sam story in which she isn't all fine by the next episode. Interesting idea about the gate filters, and very true about the little things often sinking or passing a mission. I'm not sure anyone could have survived what Sam did, but I'm glad she did and I'm glad to see some thought put into the aftermath. And a little more human side of Janet. "Burden of Guilt" brought up the very overlooked but important dilemma of Daniel arming a people instead of Jack. Good for Jack for calling him on it, and how nice it was to see the General taking part, too, as I think he would but writers often don't credit him for doing so. I'm also a big fan of the "Daniel's way isn't always the right/smart/realistic way" school of thought. "What Remains to be Won" had one of my favorite conversations in the zine, at the end of the story. There's another episode we don't see a lot of sequels to. Sheila doesn't usually write Daniel as being so...needy--he's pondering his worthlessness because no one really said hi to him upon their return?--but I liked the characterization besides the guilt trip and the idea of Daniel not being well during "Small Victories." He didn't seem it to me, either. "Conspiracy" was so credible, I'm surprised someone hasn't come up with something like this sooner. It worked almost frighteningly well to have Maybourne put someone in the program who can set up Daniel. It was nice to have another SG leader who thinks a lot of him, too, something we also haven't seen a lot. Daniel's whole plot to get Levings to talk got a little convoluted for my taste and I don't think his sexual excitement over what he did was necessary, but I generally liked the piece. "Sensitivity", sorta skimmed this one, blushing. And *why* exactly do the Goa'uld raise a planetful of female aphrodisiacs? Some, er, nicely sensitive reactions from the guys when they're worried about her at least. "Whipping Boy 101" scared me with the title, but it made a really fascinating point with the whole beta male thing. I'd never heard of or thought of it that way before but it made perfect sense. My one little quibble--it seemed like Daniel had been knocked out in the simulation, which I don't think he would have been--but the idea itself was very neat and unique. "My Friend Jack"--who else but Sheila would even take a stab at doing an SG-1 piece Kipling-style and pull it off?! "Crossing the Abyss" had a bit too much ruminating and not enough doing, but I do think this is a conversation Daniel would have had to have with himself. My one real reservation is that I think he would have worked this through and made this decision during Full Circle, not right after Abyss, because his behavior at the start of Full Circle does not reflect this new resolution. But change the timing and I agree with it completely. And "Hide and Seek" would have made a good episode. Great to see another competent SG team, Daniel not needing to be rescued all the time, and a real story. I even liked the kids, which I usually don't in stories. And the idea of a planet of shipbuilders makes a lot of sense but was also the first I'd seen. Good work.

Add to that some of the best art I've seen in an SG-1 zine in a while, and it's a great package! Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Have a good week! Best, Katalin

Ashton Press Strange Interlude

Strange Interlude

Well I'm sad to say I finished Strange Interlude a couple days ago - sad of course because I didn't want it to end. But maybe it's better it did because I'm not sure my heart could have taken much more. I felt like I was on that island, but the waves were made of angst and suspense and they just kept coming.

I was just blown away by this story. I love the intricate, beautifully-paced plot and its parallel story lines, out of phase with each other just enough to make me mad at the other O'Neill when he got to welcome back his healthy Daniel while ours was wasting away in a darkened shack...

I love the characterizations and could totally buy the Casanova version of O'Neill and impossibly young Daniel, and I loved our Jack and Daniel too. I loved the other Teal'c and Bra'tac, and the whole marriage negotiation was hilarious and anachronistic but also sweetly protective of Daniel's interests.

I could not see how Jack could save Daniel on the island, and I honestly thought Daniel's only hope was rescue by someone. In that lush paradise, those scenes where Jack did in fact save him were unforgettably moving and poignant, and made me love Jack so much. And the way it was tied into the Eden tree put Jack's discovery into perspective and made it very believable.

I didn't see the volcano thing coming, and it was wonderful to watch that revelation unfold amidst Jack's desperate need to make up for lost time. All of the "intimate" scenes were wonderful, too, by the way, and not to be glossed over appreciation-wise, in the least!

Well, words fail me, but I'll just say it was incredible, among the best I've ever read (most of the other bests also written by Lori, as a matter of fact!). Tank you Lori for writing it and Annie for editing and putting it in such a lovely package.

I can also honestly say this novel was good for my health, since I forced myself to only read it while on the elliptical trainer at the gym. Which meant my work-outs were longer and more frequent than usual, and not accompanied by the usual dread. I hope no one noticed me crying when Sam succumbed to her doubt in front of Narim, but I got some strange looks while reading page 189, with the photo that really cannot be interpreted in a non-sexual way. All the photos were great, by the way, and served to remind me whom I was reading about...

Sorry this is so incoherent - if I could write like you, believe me I would. Thank you!


Ashton Press The Fission of Silence

The Fission of Silence

OH, MY GOD! I read the warnings about how intense this story but nothing could prepare me for how much this story grabbed a hold of my emotions!

I guess I have this quirky ability to "feel" a story. People have said that when they read something, it's like a mini TV program. Or that they "hear" the characters. For me, I can hear the characters talk and feel what they are feeling.

Then there is that rare story that takes me on such a roller coaster ride that it takes me HOURS to calm down. That is what The Fission of Silence has done to me. I made the mistake of reading this at work - oh my goodness. I was blessing the fact that the ladies room has a smaller room with a couch. That's where I sat reading this zine. I'm also blessing the fact that right now, my department is the only one who occupies the floor and there are only 6 women. I could cry and sniffle in relative privacy! When my emotions are so engaged, I have a tendency to stutter for a while. And so I did.

It was like I could feel Daniel's pain and fear. When he was having flashbacks, it was like I was there, feeling everything. Then when the POV switched to the rest of SG-1 I could feel their pain too. I could feel Hammond's anger with Kinsey. The shock Davis felt when he read the file and then saw Daniel.

Very few writers can pull a reaction like this from me. Pough has succeeded very well. It is odd to say that I "loved" this story - how can any one love a story so filled with anguish? I will say this story is extremely well done. And oh, it's just crying for a sequel. I need to know that Daniel will be whole again. When Daniel asked Jack what was he worth now after finding out how much he was sold for and when he was back at the hospital, I just wanted to cry he is worth everything! He survived hell and came back.

I hope my few feeble words have conveyed how much this story affected me. Maybe it's stupid to be so affected by a story but I can't help it. I've always been affected by a great story. A great story engages the emotions, causes people to think, to react. That is what Pough has here. A really great story - that needs a really great sequel! — Martha P.

Ashton Press Redemption 2

Redemption #2

OK, I just had to email you after reading "Fall of Angels" (by Corby) in REDEMPTION ... this is, quite simply, one of the most brilliant concepts I've ever read. It's *wonderful*. And Corby’s execution of it is just pitch-perfect -- very, very powerful writing. When I finished I was *shaking*. I immediately called and emailed all my friends and recced it shamelessly, along with the entire 'zine, which is stellar in its own right. It's so nice to read great Stargate work from a VERY talented writer. It was such a dark, smart, eerie story -- and fully explored the consequences of what the events really meant, which was outstanding. It was like having a Stargate nightmare -- something that would wake Daniel up in a cold sweat, shaking. Wow. — Julie Fortune

I don't read many SG-1 zines anymore because they seem to be mostly angsty, take-'em-through-hell-ten-ways kind of stories or really mushy ones. Redemption 2, however, was generally a welcome surprise of new ideas and faithful characterizations. It's also been a long time since I've read such a typo-free zine! I usually draw a zine out but this one I read in 24 hours and it inspired me--actually, made me chomp at the bit!--to go do more writing of my own. Thank you much for that.

"Alchemy" was the first breath of fresh air. Kids too often come across as phony but Travis nearly always rang true and was a very well-drawn mix of longing and defiance. I could very much see how he could provoke the reaction he did in Daniel, too. I was sorry that the whole issue of molestation had to be given as much attention as it did--chalk it up to the world we live in today--but it was valid. And I even learned a little archeology along the way. :> One snag: Jack's line to Travis about he and Daniel not being gay, "And even if we were, I think you'd find that you could expect the same courtesy and common decency from us." Coming from the law enforcement world, there are a lot of homosexual pedophiles out there and Travis had every right to be wary. Of course not all homosexuals are pedophiles, and too many heterosexuals are, but I'd worry about a male stranger who showed interest in my son. It's a PC line in the story, but also naive.

"I'm a Civilian" addressed, partly, Maybourne's threat to Daniel, which I've seen covered before, but I like the emphasis on his titular defense throughout the episode. It seems obvious now--I bet you could take up that angle for many episodes and go even further with it--but all great ideas do!

"Into the Belly of the Lion" I'm guessing is the story you as editor worked most on. The writing is clearly...young, and I really wish people wouldn't concentrate so much on massive physical and emotional trauma, but, well, reading other LoC's there's definitely an audience for it. I hope Ms. Gallagater keeps working on her craft.

"Remedy" was perhaps my favorite in this zine, an old ploy with a new twist. I finished that piece with a delighted smile on my face. I wonder a little why Ms. Carr was so adamant about how final Jack's resignation is seeing as we know he comes back, but aside from that this was a very satisfying little fix.

"Things That Go Bump"--Daniel's throat is closed up but he can still breathe through his nose? What does Carrie think the nasal passage connects to? :> And the police procedure didn't ring true, but this story was nevertheless a pleasant surprise. Yes, excessive amounts of hand-wringing again, but each time I thought I knew where the story was going, it turned another corner and surprised me yet again, and that was terrific. Extra points for a very human Dr. Fraiser and some perfect Teal'c lines (the one about excessive charcoal comes to mind :>).

"Shell Game" made me feel dull-witted because I read it twice and still didn't quite get it, but I think that just means another watching of the episode is in order. From what I got, though, the writer's cleverness and creativity was really impressive. This is the kind of stuff that sets my imagination off.

"It's Not Enough" was a little too bloody and weepy and angsty for my taste, sorry.

"A Friend Indeed"...I'm not a shipper, so...enough said.

"Lost Soul" reaffirms my impression Sheila is one of our most creative writers. I'm always amazed at how she comes up with aliens and plots that are so outside-the-box, as one LoC-er attributes Daniel's thinking. I never get tired of seeing what she'll think of next. The one thing that's getting old is the whole "aliens accept/believe/trust us because they see Daniel and Jack's love for each other and thus figure we humans aren't all bad." She's written several SG-1 pieces like that and I bet she could go a different direction if she wanted to.

As for art, Leah Rosenthal's cartoons always make me smile, and the photo manipulations are fun. Corinna's a little uneven but her women (Sam & Janet) are very nice.

Hi all. I thought I’d be the first one to get an LOC out for the zine but I see someone has already done so and I applaud her efforts. So here is my two cents worth.

Overall, another visually pleasing presentation for the zine. Leah’s artwork is always a joy, especially the Christmas stocking one. Apparently Santa thinks we’ve all been very good this year since Daniel is coming back. The interior portraits are very nice. I do have a fondness however for the back cover by Lightfoot, a nice foreshadowing of Full Circle and not saying more for those who have yet to see the episode. Manips as a zine artform is something new for me but I like the variety this new technique allows.

Alchemy by Corby I enjoy reading her stories because you never really know what to expect. Certainly like her style and originality. Have to agree with the other LOCer, her original characters all read as very real and only add to the story and never detract from our family of SG-1. I do admit I was glad this one ended on a happy note. I’m a sap for happy endings. Every so often Daniel’s good deeds have to succeed or, heaven forbid, he’ll stop trying. The Jack and Daniel dynamic was terrific, especially in how Jack was supportive of Daniel’s initiating a new friendship, then working diligently to find out the truth of who the thief was, and showing Daniel his instincts had been right all along. Also love Abby. So I’m thinking maybe a sequel to this story in the future?

Into the Belly of the Lion by Gallagater A nice juicy Jack whumper. I found the opening scenes of the team at the carnival light hearted and fun only to have it crash into the reality of the dangers they face during gate travel. It certainly made their struggles to survive very poignant. In keeping with the Stargate mythology, we have a new Goa’uld goddess introduced who I found to be quite nasty (and a faithful rendition of Egyptian mythology canon). Her fate was deserved. Nice teamwork between Daniel and Sam in saving O’Neill and attempting an escape. No super Sam and no wilting Daniel to be found. The characterizations were perfect and, I thought in a perfect world, this would make a nice episode. Thank you. It was a great story from start to finish.

Translator by K Hanna Korosssy I have enjoyed all of the stories by this author. She has a firm grasp on the characters especially with all the nuances of the relationship between Jack and Daniel. This a was an enjoyable exploration of how the layers upon layers of their friendship exist and what it takes on Daniel’s part to excavate through those layers to find Jack’s core and then help him. I’ve read it several times already and seem to find a new subtle aspect I missed in the previous readings.

Remedy by LA Carr A plausible aftermath to Abyss. I could see it happening. I’d really like to see it happen in season seven for real.

Things that Go Bump by Carrie This was a terrific HC read from start to finish. Loved Daniel’s little hissy fit in the store before both the barbeque and things went very wrong. I enjoy reading team angst fics, of getting everyone’s point of view and exploring their feelings and their worry over the fate of one their own. I only wish the story had been longer as I didn’t want it to end. Gen was a very interesting character. Anyone who can take on Jack and survive is special. This author is one of my favorite SG-1 writers because her style creates so much emotional angst from her characters, which we readers also feel. At least I do.

It’s Not Enough by Nancy Richardson Okay, this story had a real emotional wallop for me. I admit, I was squeamish allowing my imagination to portray what the words were telling us, visualizing what happened between Jack and Daniel. However, the aftermath of them both trying to deal with what happened and keep their friendship together was a great read. And the I love you confession. Too funny but so Jack and Daniel.

Lost Soul by Shelia Paulson This was a nice story to end the zine. Another believable portrayal of the Jack and Daniel friendship, the way Daniel was able to discover the truth of what happened with his outside of the box thinking, with finding a new alien species and opening the way for future diplomatic relations. Agree, his stamping his foot in frustration elicited a smile. It was comforting in the end Jack and Daniel reaffirm what their friendship means to they both. A very real portrayal of Sam, again no super Sam, as she took over command and tried to find the truth through her scientific investigations then she and Daniel sharing ideas to find the solution.

This zine didn’t have a single story in it I didn’t like and that is a rarity and a joy as well. I see many re reads of the stories in the future. Great job everyone. So, when does Redemption 3 come out again? — ETS

The last two bits.

Shell Game: Wonderful explanation for Boch's little joke. Daniel has knowledge and the first thing oppressors always want to get rid of is those who have that power to oppose with. Enjoyed how everyone is trying to keep it from everyone for all the 'right' reasons;-).

A friend indeed: Nice moment of friendship between Jack and Daniel. It would be just like Daniel to be concerned for his friends. I'm glad he did have the possibility to comfort Sam. — BabsN

Alchemy: This story had me bouncing going: Abby's back ! Abby's back! I loved her in the Cat's Cradle and I'm a sucker for kitties, sue me;-). Travis was a discovery by himself. IMHO Poss should get an award for all her original characters. They always seem to worm their way straight into your heart.

I loved how he wasn't just a sad little boy. He showed you have got to be tough to be a geek who likes books. The intervention of the team, restoring Daniel's faith and helping Travis’ mum was really touching. Even though Jack thinks Daniel is too trusting, he went out of his way to restore that trust in people. *big happy sigh...* Does it show I loved this story?

I'm a civilian: Lovely tag to Enigma, accomplishing the impossible. Transforming Omac from a pompous arrogant bastard SOB to a character that is actually likeable. Jack's concern being the reason for Daniel's new apartment was a nice touch.

Into the Belly of the Lion: *Oophhfff* Classic H/C IMHO, the kind that got me hooked into (my first and still only) fandom. The kind of story which should have a reminder to breathe at the end of each paragraph. Jack's despair made me flick on the light in my room;-).

Translator: *happy happy sigh* Oh, you want more? What is there to say about this perfect bonding moment between the guys. Not too sappy, the way guys communicate, but really warm. Again: *happy happy sigh*

Remedy: Cut that out!!!!!!!!! Daniel is back and you people still bring the tears to my eyes. Then I am kind of a Meridian wuss. Lovely bittersweet story.

Things that go bump: Again a wonderful classic H/C story by an till now unknown author (;-p). Poor Jack. I loved how the team closed rank to help him and worry about Daniel. Lovely bonding moment between Teal'c and Sam. Send it to AT and C;-)...I'm sure they'd love to fit those moment into the show somewhere. 

Shell Game: Whoopee!!!!! Just noticed I haven't read that one yet! FB will follow!!!!!!:-D

It's not enough: This is the kind of story you start eating chips and then you stop eating... You stop drinking... and you get kind of nauseous. Horrible but beautiful. It captivated me fully and I'll be thinking about Daniel and Jack's dilemma. Sam and Teal’c’s feelings were also wonderfully captured.

Great. Horrible but great.

A friend indeed: Hello?!? Why did I skip all the smaller stories??? FB will follow.

Lost Soul: Favorite moment?: when Daniel walks over to the edge of the rock and stamps his feet. I loved the interaction between Daniel and the plantJack thingy. IMHO Daniel would be one of the few people who would openly talk to plants and expect a reply. Nicely written and a lovely ride.

Thanks for all the hard work that goes into making a zine. It shows it. — Babs 

Ashton Press Redemption #1

Redemption #1

I forgot to send my feedback on the zine in general and the artwork. So, here is part II...

Favorite Story from this Zine: Hard to pick one...tried to get it down to just 2 so I chose Quotations and The Test.

Favorite Artwork: I love Wilma's style and the renderings are so true. I especially love the back cover of Daniel in his boonie.

Favorite Photo Manipulation: Love the picture of Daniel on page 157 by Lightfoot.

Favorite Cartoon. Love all of Leah's cartoon. However, in this zine, "Duck" is a classic and I laugh every time I see it. Closely following is "Reference Guides" (one of my personal favorites).

General: Read it from cover to cover (with the exception of one story) twice. I know that I will be reading through again in the future. Really enjoyed it. Well put together, Layout easy to read and follow. The art, cartoons, and pictures spread out nicely with the stories. Great color front cover.

Thanks again. — Sharon

Fall of Angels by Corby -- A well written but depressing and dark story. I read this before the announcement about Daniel returning to the show was made so I was still in the midst of my “Severely missing Daniel” depression and found it hard to enjoy this story as much as it deserved to be enjoyed. I will revisit it with some time and distance, because it is written well and definitely worth a re-read. It is just not the way I want to see Daniel reunited with his friends and team mates so I had a hard time with the plot.

The Rules of the Game by ETS -- This was a wonderful “fill in the missing pieces” story for Fair Game. It really gave the back story of how each of the team members dealt with this difficult situation. Well written. Good character voices for all, and I really enjoyed it.

Walk On By by Deborah Louise Gough -- Daniel as a white blond “surfer type” was a real kick. But it was soooo Daniel to try to take it all on himself in order to save his friends. Interesting original characters, good character voices and the inclusion of Janet and Cassandra. Lots of team angst and caring. Interesting plot. Kept me reading.

A Time to Mourn by Flora -- A well told jack POV story. So sad and difficult to deal with so considering so much loss. I tent to focus on all of Daniel’s difficult history and I forget that behind that wise cracking façade is a lot of “Jack” pain also.

The Quest for Immortality by L.A Carr -- Again, a well written story, Wonderful for exploring Jack’s reaction to Daniel’s departure. I still have a real hard time with these stories that remind me that Daniel is gone. I am so glad that he is coming back!

Gone Before by ELG -- Another post Meridian story. I love the fact that this story has Daniel visiting Jack, Sam and Teal’C but I don’t like to read stories where Daniel does not end alive and back where he belongs. Well written and enjoyable but sad.

The Test by Nancy Richardson -- This story is at the top of my Favorites list for this zine. Smooth read, good character voices and I loved the premise. I read it over & over. Daniel and Jack are definitely soul-mates.

Male Bonding by Seanchaidh -- A lovely short story. Wonderful Jack and Daniel bonding conversation. Great character voice, I could see the characters very well. I really enjoyed this story.

Her Majesty Amonet by Renee -- I enjoyed this story very much. It successfully blended SG-1 withy a strong “guest” main character and included Sha’uri, alive and fitting in. No one was wallpaper.

Quotations by Sheila Paulson -- Yea! Daniel returns! Any story that brings Daniel back to Jack and the team, and us, is at the top of my list. And wonderfully written. I also love the Jack portrait at the end of the story.

Alone by Kelly W. -- I love episode tag stories. The show leaves so much unanswered. These stories fill them out. This was a good read and I enjoyed it very much.

The Darkest Night by babs -- Legacy was such a dark, painful story. With all that Daniel has experienced it is certainly believable that he might, at some point, come to a time like this in his life. I love the warmth, caring and strong bond that held them all together in this story to bring Daniel through. Very good story.

What If? By Quale -- This story was silly and serious at the same time. I thoroughly appreciated it on both levels. I love that Daniel actually enjoyed O’Neill’s discomfort and confusion but in a very Danielesque caring way. I love that it brought Daniel back. The story made me think about how Daniel was going to handle knowing everything before it happened and how he would manage to keep from changing the future for the worse instead of better. It was disconcerting to hear him discussing with Oma, that he would be aware of what happened on Jonas’ planet and that he would try to avoid it this time if he could. That would be very difficult to live with. Very rich and thought provoking story. Very enjoyable.

Choose your battles by Brionhet -- It’s sad to think that there are people in this world like Willis, Pall and Everett but, unfortunately, there are. I enjoyed the physical training scene where Carter kicked butt, literally. Also enjoyable was Teal’C’s little show with the barbells. But, most of all, the best revenge, was Daniel having to save Willis’ life after that nasty incident during their first trip through the gate. It was tense and suspenseful. Full of team support and caring. The rescue was detailed and I could see the entire story unfolding. Great story! — Sharyn

I wanted to submit a little feedback, but since it is the holiday season, I didn't have time to go back through all the zines I have bought from you. So, I'm just going to respond about the last zine I read, "Redemption".

1) Favorite story: "Gone Before" by ELG I believe ELG writes the best fan fiction I have ever read. I have no formal training in creative writing, so I'm not certain why her writing works so well, but I find it very fluid. It reads as though writing is effortless for her (I'm sure that's not the case, but it must be what she strives to achieve.) No matter what situation she puts Jack, Daniel, Sam or Teal'c into, she doesn't sacrifice their essential characters for the plot or for humor. ELG allows the humor to develop from their believable interactions, and doesn't shoehorn in a joke she wants to make if it would violate someone's character (unlike some of the profession writers on the show!) There are other great writers in this fandom (most notably the writers with whom she collaborates and betas), but ELG is the best.

2) Hand-drawn art The 'Duck, Sir' cartoon on page 113, drawn by Leah Rosenthal Leah is an excellent cartoonist, and this one matches my sentiments regarding the 'non-character' of Jonas perfectly.

3) Photomanipulation The picture of Daniel on page 161, by Corinna Generally photomanipulations are not my cup of tea, but this picture of Daniel is lovely.

4) Other comments I appreciate all the hard work you do in publishing these zines. They always come quickly, without any 'prodding' on my part, and they are well printed, without obvious errors in assembly. Thank you, and thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback to an excellent writer without feeling like a fawning idiot!

If you decide to include any of these comments in your feedback newsletter?/zine?/whatever-form-it-may-take, please list only my first name. Thanks. — Janet

I am glad that you reminded me to send this, Annie, but the first story in the zine by Poss really struck me as being so unusual. It was very sad in a way, yet, hope flares up at the end. I am so happy to read something different. — Bev

My overdue LOC of the zine.

First, I wanted to say how well put together and visually pleasing the zine package is. The covers, both front and back, are lovely. All the interior artwork is equally well done. And naturally, I adore all of Leah’s cartoons.

I enjoyed reading all the fics included, several I’ve already re-read numerous times, always a good sign of the quality of the fics. Here are some of my first impression thoughts on most of the contents.

Fall of Angels

When reading a zine, I always go cover to cover and read each fic in order. (and immediately made a liar of me. Getting this LOC together I discovered I’d missed two fics and had to read them. Egad!!!) This story certainly grabbed my attention and kept my interest. Of course, as I was nearing the end, the terrible thought crept into my mind: what if more of the kidnapped Daniels suddenly appear? Nah, the writer wouldn’t do that to us readers, would she? But she did. Very creepy. Of course too many Daniel’s isn’t always a bad thing. But I decided the Daniel we had had to be our Danny ..unless the author writes a sequel saying otherwise. The only other comment I have is Corby’s mind, when controlled by the muse, is a scary place and all the better for giving us such wonderful, gripping fics to read.

Walk on By

Now, if only the writers of the show, and I use the term loosely, would have written this type of plausible NID/conspiracy episodes, ones which actually had a plot, I wouldn’t have disliked them so much. Although I could never picture Daniel with blond hair—my fault, not the author’s who was very descriptive, this was still a well-crafted, well-plotted fic, which fortunately had a happy ending. At least the team was reunited. And it was a nice prequel to Chain Reaction.

A Time to Mourn

A very emotional, piece dealing with Jack coming to terms with the death of Frank Cromwell with both Frank’s widow and himself, and mourning the loss of the friendship once shared by the two men.. Frank’s widow, Lisa, was a believable, well-developed character.

The Quest for Immortality

This was a fic I enjoyed mostly because of the premise. How apropos to find Jack voluntarily going to a museum to look at rocks serving as a very poignant means for Jack to come to terms with Daniel’s ascension and realizing the friend and friendship he once cherished is no longer available to him. And nice use of the cultural stuff, which was sadly lacking in seasons four and five.

Gone Before

I have never read any fic by ELG I didn’t like. Ditto for this short piece. Great angst, nice verbal exchange between Jack and an ascended Daniel giving Daniel a proper send off which, again, was sadly lacking in Meridian.

The Test, Quotations, Alone, The Darkest Night

I decided to give these four short, angsty pieces a combined comment. All were wonderful, got me teary eyed. Great mini doses of angst, with well-written, believable dialogue and characterization between Jack and Daniel. And done with a little help from Teal’c, Sam and Cassie. I firmly believe their friendship is much deeper than the occasional glimpse we saw in the episodes. Well-done authors.

Male Bonding

Where the above were misty-eyed pieces, this one had me chuckling. Oh yeah, our Danny boy is a man of many facets and talents. He does like sports after all, fancy that.

Her Majesty Ammonet

This a different kind of fic from the ones I’m accustomed to reading. Wasn’t sure how I would like it but found in enjoyable and plausible. And Agent Dart didn’t come off as a Mary Sue to me. It’s hard to introduce new characters so when a author can do so successfully, I’m pleased. And nice to see a happy resolution for Sha’re and Daniel. I’m a sap for happy endings.


I liked this because it was a good Daniel introspection fic exploring how he was really dealing with the emotional toll caused by the kidnapping of Sha’re and Skaara and his determination to find them.

What if..

Okay, we had to know someone would do a post Meridian story based on the infamous Dallas shower scene. But it worked for me. Anytime I can see Daniel in his fuzzy blue robe, wet hair, er, well okay, it worked for me.

Choose your Battles

The zine started out with a great story and ends with one too. I have a real fondness for fics, which portray Daniel winning over and adversary, simply be being the unique personality he is. And I like it even more when Daniel proves he can handle himself very well amongst all these military types, be resourceful and get himself and others out of trouble when he has too. The story nicely developed the antagonism between the two teams. And I confess I was guessing to the end as to whether the three stranded teammates were all going to return to the SCG alive. This is a fic I will reread often in the future.

Okay Annie, didn’t mean to be so long winded but wanted to give every author a response. A great zine one I’m glad to have. Thanks for editing and getting it out amongst the masses. — ETS

I've just started Redemption and what I've read is really good! There is a drawing of Daniel wearing his boonie hat on the back cover that is one of the best I've ever seen!!!! The cover is great and the other artwork inside is amazing. Everyone involved with all of the zines including 'Gateway to Eternity' should be very proud!! — Cathy Lenk

Favorite piece of hand drawn art:

(1) Back cover by Wilma

I love her style. The pencil adds a softness to the drawing and wow what a subject to draw. (Our Daniel)

(2) Page 113. Jonas should duck by Leah. 

Her cartoons are so funny and inspirational.

Favorite photo manipulations:

Both of my favorites in this issue are by Corinna. Page 131 with Jack and Daniel and page 161 of just Daniel. The colors are excellent in the manipulations.

Favorite stories:

(1) Walk on by (Deborah Louise Gough). I bought the zine mainly for this story. I am partial to Daniel in trouble stories. The story usually means getting Daniel in trouble and then the strength that comes during the healing process. That is what was demonstrated in this story.

(2) Choose your battles (Brionhet). A very nice story here again showing the strength that we as die hard Daniel fans know that he has even though it is not always apparent. He surprised a certain Major on his skills to get them out of the mess and back home.

Thank you. — Renee

And because I do read GEN - I thought I'd mention a huzza for Redemption.

A very well put together zine - but then all the zines I've got from Ashton Press have always done zines well.

The story that impressed me most in this zine is Choose Your Battles by Brionhet. A strong Daniel story where Daniel is NOT a wimp. One of the failings I've found with gen stories is that Daniel is generally portrayed as a wilting flower. Which is not the Daniel I've seen in the show. Dr. Jackson is very strong even though he is not military and this story shows how strong and determined he can be.

It's a wonderfully written story. I do love how Daniel speaks up in a team meeting and points out that the other SG team they are training - the Marines, are constantly choosing the wrong battles to fight. And to make an effective team, they need to rethink their battles. When Daniel and 2 Marines are left behind on a planet (not by Jack's choice), he rises to the occasion and takes leadership. The ending is rather amusing when he declares that the shooting ability he has is a "geek thing".

I think the funniest cartoon by Leah is on pg 160 - makes me laugh every time! — Martha Peplinski

Redemption 1#

My favorite story from this was the Fall of Angels by Corby as it was so unusual - unlike any Stargate story I'd actually ever read, in a zine or not. It was very striking, and bleak, and I really liked the fact that it didn't have a happy ending, and it was (my interpretation) left up to the readers to guess who was the right Daniel in the end, or whether they were both 'wrong'. — Debs

Ashton Press Gateway to Eternity

Gateway to Eternity

Hi, Thanks so much for sending the zine so quickly. It was Zine Week for me this week, because "Gateway" arrived the day after I got my copy of the Deb Walsh fanzine "I'm Just Saying". I'm actually in print myself in that one! (First time and still can't believe it is in there!)

At first glance: the artwork and images are lovely. I had to read the Pough story straight away - how could I not? Some of the cameos early on in the story were written so well they made me feel sort of teary! I'll send more comments, on the required paperwork, as I get further into it. I've got a lot of reading to do!

BTW is everyone else as happy as me, that Daniel looks like returning for a final season? I'm hoping it will urge people to keep writing. Don't know what I'll do for bedtime reading otherwise.

Thanks once again. — Janine.

First let me mention as general comment that this zine is closest to my heart because it is the first zine I have ever bought and it started the process of me wanting to explore the zine avenue farther.

Favorite hand drawn art:

(1) Page 143 by Wilma

An excellent picture of Daniel. She captures him so brilliantly.

(2) Page 81 by Leah (Father nature)

I had to laugh when I saw this one. Her cartoons are so inventive.

Favorite photo manipulation:

There were several in this zine.

(1) Page 105 (possibly by Corinna?) not labeled

I love the colors used in this one with Jack and Daniel.

(2) Cover by Sazz

Excellent colors. All of our great characters together.

(3) Page 129 (either Amy or Corinna) not labeled

A great manipulation of Daniel and all of his glory.

(4) Page 161 cover of story "The Battle Royal"

Here again I loved the colors.

(5) Page 215 composite of Kasuf, Skaara, Jack, and Daniel

I loved the colors and the spacing of this one.

Favorite stories:

(1) A Child of Egypt by Pough

It was difficult for me to finish this because of the gut wrenching ending. It didn't help that I also read it after watching the "Meridian" episode.

(2) Fool's Gold by Corby

A beautiful piece of what lengths Daniel would go through to see a smile on Sha'uri's face.

(3) Shaqaa by Aurora

I have always been partial to the stories concerning Chaka and Daniels relationship with him.

(4) Wrong Impressions by Deborah Louise Gough

A tale a little reminiscent to the "Need" episode in the fact that Daniel can not help himself in saving White Lily Dove. I was not expecting the ending however so definitely a good read.

(5) The Battle Royal by Tiv'ester

A great tale showing Daniel's strength and courage. He will do anything in his power to protect his family and the people he loves. He had great leadership skills in this story.

Thank you. — Renee

My favorite story in Gateway was Scribe's story. I have told her myself, but it is so unbelievable what she did to Jack and Daniel, and getting them both was hilarious. That was so original to have the girls (me and Beth, sorta) to write all over their bodies (and to shave all their hair). That was the most truly piece of original fiction that I have ever read. While I am thinking about it, I want to order Redemption. Terri already knows this, but I want to tell you how fine her story about Abydos is in this zine. She writes superb stories anyway, but this is exceptional. — Bev


Ashton Press Pretense 4

Hi there! I'd just like to let ya know that I got my copy of Pretense 4 in the mail today, thank you :) And congratulations to you and all the other artists and writers who did a fantastic job :) I've read a big chunk of it already! *hugs her copy* — Spaceweeble

I got my copy on Thursday [Pretense #4] which was delightful after a crappy day at work and rain! It is a nice issue as usual and the artwork is exceptionally good. BTW, I only know Leah through her wonderful funny Startoons. I hope she is recovering and starting to feel better. Give her some hugs from me for her ability to make me smile on the roughest day. — babs

It arrived! [Pretense #4] And it looks incredible! Catspaw mentioned how great it looked, but it's even better than I anticipated! Extremely neat! Now I'm off to read. Thanks Annie! Well done! — Sharon

Meant to write before this to let you know mine [Pretense 4] arrived on Friday last - thanks, you've done us proud this time :) This has to be the best presented zine ever! It looks beautiful. All the best - and good thoughts still to Leah, hope she's doing okay. — Catspaw

I haven't had a chance to read Pretense #4 yet, but I would like to say that I have really enjoyed the stories and the artwork in the previous issues (1-3). I believe that I have all of your Stargate zines that have been published so far (and eagerly awaiting the others that are "on the burner".) I alway look forward to receiving one of your zines.

Your calendars are really nice too. I really love the 3 that I have bought from you.

I am continually impressed by the quality of the stories and the artwork. It keeps me coming back for more.

I can't tell you any story in particular because I can't remember any of the titles (it's been a while since I read them and I won't be home until late tonight to look at them). What I do remember is that in some of the stories I could really feel some of the emotions that the authors were trying to convey through the characters.

All I can say is to keep up the great work and I hope to see more in the future!!

Thank you to all the writers and artists who continually contribute to zines. — Kelly

Geeze, I'm sorry! I've been meaning to get this done and just kept putting it off.

First off, may I say of the zines I've read yours are by far and away the best!

Pretense 1 Favorites: Slave by Puff and Ruffle Plus Ca Change by Livengoo

Pretense 2 Favorites: Submission by Penelope Home Cooking by Circe Hellfire by Brenda & ELG

Pretense 3 Favorites: Documentary Jack by ELG Friday Night by Seanchaidh Yellowstone by Circe

Pretense 4 Favorites: Horizontal Hold by Catspaw Hathor Strikes Back by Puff & Ruffle

My favorite cover was Pretense 1

Of course my favorite cartoonist goes without saying. ;-) Gotta be Leah.

Favorite photomanip was the back cover of Pretense 4 by Sgt. Siler but I also really liked Pg 219 from Pretense 4 by Cat's Meow. And Amy's manips are always wonderful.

Favorite artwork in terms of drawing was Wilma's drawing on pg 87 of Pretense 4.

Long and short of was *really* difficult to pick 'the best' because so many were so good.

Thanks Annie and want to wish you and Leah all the best for this holiday season and into the new year! — Sharon

Sorry this is on the last minute - I forgot when it was due. Anyway, feedback is not something I am very good at - I can't seem to put into words what I think, and what it is that works in a story for me. But here is my attempt.

Pretense #4

My favorite stories were Just Good Friends by ELG and Therapy by Penelope. It was very difficult to narrow it down though, as the stories are all great.

I like the gradual realization in Just Good Friends of both Daniel and Jack of what their feelings were for each other, and it was nice to see Sara again and some sort of resolution between Jack and Sara, which is missing from the series.

I enjoyed the friendship in Therapy, and the idea that Jack would do whatever he could to help Daniel, even as far as having sex with him! It makes a change to see this sort of story, where they don't end up in a sexual relationship. Most other stories end up with that happening. Their surprise at enjoying it, and the thought of them trying to read a post-it note with instructions on was a lovely addition.

A couple of the others I really enjoyed were Deferred Pleasures by Circe and Unburdened by Nancy. I really love first time stories, and I like scenarios that I can see happening. I don't know anyone who hasn't woken up from that type of dream, so I find these believable.

As for art, I narrowed it down to my favorites through the zine, and they are p219 (The Cat's Meow Creative Arts), p34 and p67 and p162 (Wilma) p145 and p190 (Leah Rosenthal).

Pretense #3

My favorite fic in this one is Raindrops by Geminia. This really got to me emotionally, and practically had me in tears with the anguish Daniel was going through when he knew the rest of the team had lied to him and thought they didn't want him around. I love fiery Janet, sticking up for him, and laying into Jack on Daniel's behalf, and Jack's realization why Daniel was in the shower and what he had done. Brilliant story.

For the art pieces, my favorites are p195, p63 and p106.

Pretense #2

I love Submission by Penelope in this zine. First time stories are my favorite, and I like seeing 'the aliens made us do it' where it works, as it does here. There's a mix of emotions all in this one, and some humor as well as really hot sex! Sam and Teal'c being protective of Daniel and realizing how he feels about Jack works as well.

The pages with my favorite art pictures are on p87, p17 and p163.

Pretense #1

Slaves (Puff and Ruffle) is a great story, with action and adventure as well as Daniel whumping and Jack being masterful. I like that it deals with when they get home and how they deal with what they did. Perfect Setting by Circe is another one with great characterization and lots of emotion. Daniel puts up a fight when he's abducted and doesn't give in, showing his strength of character. Jack worrying about him is great, and the sex at the end is really hot. Great story.

The overall quality of the zines is really good, and excellent value for money. I appreciate all the effort from everyone involved in producing them. I admire all your talent. Please carry on with the excellent work and thanks for sharing. I would be interested in seeing what other people think and like as well, if that's ok. Have a great Christmas and New Year. — Karen

I saw your post on the feedback raffle ending today and you getting only seven people replying. On the bright side, seven is the magic number, isn't it ? but I felt so bad I never took time to give some feedback to all the wonderful writers and contributors, so I just spent one hour going through my four Pretense zines and the result is below:

1) Your favorite story (or stories!) and a few words about why you like it/them.

Pretense 1: The Need to Know by Biblio – well it’s one of my favorites not only because Biblio graciously accepted my French translation of Peter fucking Piper!!! but also because the story is so sweet and Hot!!! I loved the tent scene, I can so easily imagine them, brow against brow, right hand on each other….hot, hot, hot..

Pretense 2: Show me the way to go Home by Brenda - For me it’s a sequel to the wonderful New Year’s resolution and as good, I want more !!! I’ve got to admit, I normally like to jump right to the part of a story where Jack and Daniel do the dirty, nasty…but with Brenda’s story, oooh !! it’s great to read from the start to the end. Jack can realistically be a moron sometimes but at least he is smart, Daniel, well, is Daniel. More!!! Brenda, more !!!

Pretense 3: Grogan gets shot again by Ellison Wonderland – Uhmm !! ok, this is my absolute favorite for one specific reason : Ellison wrote one of my secret JD fantasies, Daniel smelling Jack’s boxers (and swooning too), Jack going commando within the SGC, Daniel keeping his man’s boxers. What can I say ?? I am just a guy and guys love to keep their boyfriend’s boxers close to their heart….

Pretense 4: Just Good friends by ELG: first I love it because it is a long story and then I liked the way Jack and Daniel danced around each other and finally found each other. Last February in London during a Q&A session, I asked Michael Shanks whether he thought Jack and Daniel were just friends or were they best friends and with his cunning grin ( and gorgeous too) he kind of skipped the answer because it seemed even for him Jack and Daniel being best friends meant so much more….But Lori, you got it right, it’s one of those real friendships that love could only improve….

2) Your favorite piece of hand drawn art (or favorite pieces)

I like all of them but one sticks out at the top: Leah’s Danny descended and naked. I’ve got two favors to ask both Annie and Leah, when we meet Michael in Sydney one of us have to ask him if he is really going to descend naked like that moron writer (you know whom) hinted and second do you think I could get by it, asking Michael to autograph that very specific piece of art ??

3) Your favorite photo manipulation(s)

Sgtsiler’s back cover of Pretense 4. Could he/she tell me where he got that pic of Daniel, why don’t Jack run his knuckles along Daniel’s sideburns ?? I live on a very pretty tropical island and our beaches are the perfect backdrops to this kind of Jack Daniel encounter….

4) Any other comments or overall comments you care to make

You asked for my favorites and I gave them but Thank you, thank you, thank you Annie and all the contributors. There should not be any favorites as all the stories are good. As long as you keep it coming, I will be a loyal reader. I love the long (romantic) stories but I would be the last person to be too demanding since I know how hard it can be to write a story. If I have maybe one question/comment/request that would be about the Abyss episode. For obvious reasons I loved Abyss, I would have thought that there would be writers out there jumping on the opportunity to write wonderful stories around that episode but so far I have read none. Has anyone read any ?? — John

Hi, A friend of mine sent me your update about the raffle. My zines are at home and since this is the last day I can't be specific as I should, so I will just comment on the zines in general. I'm reading 'Pretense 4' right now and it's wonderful!! The artwork and pictures are fantastic, especially the black and white on the back cover and the black and white by the same person in I think it's the 3rd story. I really love all 4 'Pretense' zines and I've enjoyed all the stories and the artwork and pictures a lot!!! The covers on all 4 are just incredible and I love looking at them!! The stories are so good that I keep reading them over and over!! The stories and artwork in all these zines are topnotch and I think they are the best zines I own!!! I can't wait for "Pretense 5" and any others coming in the future!! Thanks very much to all of you from a very happy Jack/Daniel friend in New Hampshire!!!! Happy Holidays to all of you!!! — Cathy Lenk

Hathor Strikes Back; Puff and Ruffle

Classic whumping for both the boys. I love the way we get taken right into the seriousness of the situation. It's very good angsting, but still I tend to go for the comfortscene as Jack bathes Daniel at the oasis. It's just the big sap in me:-).

Baseball and bicycles; babs

Warm sad moment. I like the idea of Sara knowing and being happy about Jack and Daniel.

Unburdened; Nancy 

Oh dear.

Dopey Daniel: "gotta love me!":-) And I did. The embarrassment of Daniel was bad enough to make me cringe in sympathy, as was Jack's guilt on using his friend like that. I'm glad they figured it out.

Therapy; Penelope.

A very dark subject dealt with in a beautiful way. This story had me glued to the zine while I should have been doing other things. It's just one of those stories you have to read in one go. The moment Jack got into bed with Daniel was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. The scene of discussing the pro's of having sex over ordering dolphin friendly pizza was hilarious. I loved how The boys kept bantering like the boys even during and after sex. I could just hear them talking. Really nice read.

Horizontal Hold; Catspaw

Hihihihihihi. It's always great to see a tactics expert at work.

More than Fraternal Instincts; Brenda and ELG

Lovely fic. I like the way Jack keeps reassuring Daniel who doesn't seem able to get his mind around the fact that he got his wish and colonel. Hot sex!

Just Good Friends; ELG

That was just such a lovely character-sketch of both the guys. I truly enjoyed this story, especially because of Jack. His enjoyment of passing as a gay couple on the first wedding and then his drunken jealously at Sara's wedding were just so great to read. The whole interaction between Daniel and him felt very real.

Wilma's artwork was breathtaking as usual (I might be bias, cuz she is a good friend, so sue me;-P). Leah hardly needs another laurel, since her work is always good for a LOL. Amy's manips got me begging for more (bib-material).

It's a lovely zine and I am sure it will give me a lot of pleasurable reading during the holidays.

I was trying to get it all read by now, but RL kicked me in the @ss.

Thank you or all the time and effort put in this zine. It shows it. — Babs

I've been meaning to do this for ages but forgot. I'm probably too late for the raffle but want to do the feedback anyway. I've got and read, several times, all four Pretense mags.

My favorite story is Raindrops by Geminia in Pretense 3. I find the image of Daniel going into the shower or waiting for rain before allowing himself to cry upsetting. Every time I read it I want to cry too and to give comfort (if only I could get that lucky). Jack makes it right at the end but I get angry with him for putting Daniel through all that pain in the first place. This story touches me every time I read it.

As for artwork/illustrations I love the back cover of Pretense 4 by Sgt Siler. It is such a beautiful picture of Jack and Daniel and I just enjoy looking at it. The warmth in both men's faces and the obvious love and contentment is a joy to behold.

Well that's my bit finally done. As I said if its too late for the comp. I don't care I only wish I could have time and space to review more but after much heart searching I finally came down to these two. — Sue (Lunar)

I received this [Pretense 4] in the mail yesterday and have completely read it.

The stories are fantastic and the artwork/pics in there are just fabulous! You did a very good job on putting this zine together - as you have in the past with the other Pretense zines and the gen zines Redemption #1 and Gateway to Eternity.

I'm so looking forward to your announcement that "World Enough and Time" the zine by Biblio is now available. I know it's not available yet - I'm just looking forward to your announcement!

It was difficult to chose a favorite story out of Pretenses #4 but if you held a gun to my head, I would have to say:

Just Good Friends by ELG

It is a very interesting look into Jack's thoughts and feelings. I felt that Jack was "true" that is, I could hear the character in this story. Sometimes you read a story and it just doesn't feel right for the character. But this was right for Jack. If I had a tiny bit of a criticism, it would be that I don't entirely accept that Daniel would be so clueless about the innuendo about the 2. This, however, didn't really detract from my overall enjoyment of the story.

My favorite manipulated pic is the one for Deferred Pleasures (pg 39) - it just really jumped out at me. If I could get a print of this pic alone, I would! I know I'd be plunking down a bid if this was in an auction!

I'm really impressed with the drawing of Apophis on pg 67. It is very well done - I'd be really, really tempted to bid on this pic if it were in an auction.

Overall, I really enjoyed Pretenses #4 - it's a well put together zine! — Martha Peplinski

For the people who made Pretense#4 possible:

I think Pretense#4 is a wonderful, warm Jack and Daniel fanzine. I really enjoyed the stories that were a mix of everything this time. Friendship, cuddles, pre- slash and Jack and Danny in an established relationship. I wanna thank all of the wonderful writers for that. Is still love to read about Jack and Daniel.

I love the artwork is this zine as well. The manips were great and the lovely colour pictures made it even better. The front and back cover are wonderful. Not only the pictures, but also the way it was printed. It gave an extra dimension. Very well done Ann.

The last thing I wanna say... I hope we can go on making zines like this for a very long time. Reading these stories makes me miss Daniel a lot, but also makes it a little easier to cope with... Thanks to all of you! — Wilma.

Your raffle is the perfect excuse for me to finally give feedback on the Pretense series. Considering how much I've enjoyed the zines, it's horrible I haven't sent feedback before now. I'll send one email per zine... I like all the stories so much, but I'm going to restrict myself to a few favorite stories per issue, just to keep it reasonable.

Pretense #1

Overall: There isn't a story or piece of artwork here I didn't like, and I've read all of the stories at least three times. I save them for bedtime reading; let's just say the pages are well worn and leave it at that.

Favorite stories: Just to keep from repeating myself, I'm going to name my top few. But like I said, there isn't a one that I didn't like.

Plus Ca Change by Livengoo: This is a brilliantly written and very believable first-time piece, imo. The characterizations are realistic, and the psychology insightful regarding how they feel about each other and their teammates. The banter is wonderful, and so is the sex, especially the way Jack figures out what Daniel needs and goes for it. It's romantic without being sentimental. Just a great story.

Unsuspected by PhoenixE: I love the unbearable tenderness of Jack toward Daniel, and seeing it though Sam's eyes and how bittersweet it is for her, and ultimately how she accepts it. I love Daniel all drugged up and goofy, but still reassuring Sam. The story is very well-written and paced, but I wouldn't expect any less from Phee!

Give by Puff: I love the psychological aspects of this story, how they are unable to communicate what they're feeling, and are just trying to get past having to talk about it. Jack is so sensitive trying to find a way to get through to Daniel. And what a lovely form of non-verbal communication.

Slaves by Puff and Ruffle: Amnesia and slavery - what more can you say? Really, this is a great read, and I love Jack comforting Daniel after his terrible ordeal, and how guilty Jack feels about (as well he should!). And of course the angst when they get home is lovely, especially since it doesn't go on too long ;-)

Payback by Circe: Um, the scenes in this one are etched in my brain and have gotten me through more than one boring meeting at work, I can tell you. Daniel getting pounded into the arm of the couch and then fainting? Jack apologizing for being unable to stop? Hot.

Minnesota by Brenda and ELG: I love the scene with Jack getting closer and closer to Daniel without waking him up. Very, very sweet. I can almost smell him from here.

Aschen Night by ELG: So nice to see the two of them settled in and appreciating what they have together. And lots of nice cuddling. Warmed me right up.

I guess there's no artwork in this one (lovely cover), but I'll name my favorites for the next issues.

Here's my second set of feedback.

Pretense #2

Overall: The whole issue is great, and I've read everything multiple times. But I have to pick a few favorites, so I will!

Favorite stories:

Shades of Green by Ellison Wonderland: I've already exchanged email with EW about how great this story is, what the ending meant, and how much it impacted everyone I know who read it. This is a really powerful story and very well written. So much angst for Daniel, I could hardly bear it. Wonderful suspense that unfortunately was not resolved by the ending <g>. Looking forward to a sequel, like many other readers!

Prior Claim by Circe: Based on the warnings I was at first afraid to read this, but trusting Circe I did read it...and loved it. So wonderful and believable the way Daniel tried to reason his way out of dealing with what happened to him, and the way Jack made him see the truth, and then gave such tender comfort to him.

Plus C'est La Meme Chose by Livengoo: I loved this sequel, because it continued the wonderful banter and emotional confusion of the first story, yet made it clear that there was real feeling there and that this wasn't just a fling. Very satisfying way for the boys to get together. I loved how nervous Daniel was about Tab A and Slot B <g>.

Folie a Deux by Biblio: I loved the imaginative take on the whole mind-reading thing, and Daniel at first thinking Jack is saying those rude things out loud. I loved the image of Jack saving Daniel (of course) and giving him CPR. It was very believable that they would both at first deny the dream, but that Daniel would force them to face it.

Moonlight and Understanding by Blossom: This was such an evocative piece. I could practically feel the chill air and the cold steel of the merry-go-round. I loved the dialog and Jack's realization of what Daniel means to him, and Daniel's reaction to it. It all seemed quite un-cliched and realistic. Oh, nice erotic scenes, too!

Show Me the Way to Go Home by Brenda: "Jack drinks with his military buddies" is a great topic for a story, and certainly something that Daniel and Jack would have to work through. Very well written and believable. I love the Svensons and was very happy to see them turn up here!

Submission by Penelope: I loved how confused Daniel was by all of Jack's mixed signals, and how Jack got angry at Daniel for taking what he said at face value, til Jack admitted that wasn't what he really meant! The "preparatory love" scenes were wonderfully written.

Favorite Artwork: Photo manip on page 163, Daniel getting a point across to Jack Leah's Christmas cartoon - lovely!

Pretense #3

Overall: Once again, a great issue that I've read multiple times cover to cover. In fact it came unbound from me bending it around too much and is now held together only by a huge paper clip. So undignified!

Favorite stories:

Grogan Gets Shot Again / Advanced Training by Ellison Wonderland: I found these stories very well written, original, and entertaining. In both I love the masculinity and physicality of Jack and Daniel, and the lack of overt sentimentality though it's clear they love each other very much. It's great to see Daniel so strong and independent - that's how I picture him. Using Grogan as the narrator of the second story was a master stroke - seeing him be touched by J & D's relationship enough to protect it at the end. It was so cool to read EW's intro on AG and find out he's a guy - he sure brings an added touch of realism to the world of J/D!

An Oasis of Truth by whimsy: The descriptions in this story were so visceral - I could feel the misery of Jack and Daniel, their injuries and thirst and dashed hopes. I love the psychological interplay and banter, their frustration with each other and finally their understanding. This was a brilliant character analysis - Daniel's refusal to let himself be angry and Jack's unwillingness to let that stand. I loved that they only survived because Daniel finally got mad and threw the device. I always wondered if they took a drink of water first, or just went straight home...

A Small Dose of Courage by babs: I love Daniel in shock and Hammond comforting him and worrying about him - so sweet. I love Jack having to get Daniel to 'fess up. Just a very sweet and comforting story.

The Waiting by Meridian: A lovely romantic story. I love Jack being too dense to hear what Daniel is saying, then coming around. It was great to see Sam's feelings described and dealt with. And, the sex scene at the palace was incredible - so nice to see Daniel "in charge" for a change!

Devotion to Duty by Pough: This one has so much humor in situations and dialog, and as usual Pough nails the characters perfectly. The anal beads thing was, well, new to me and hilarious. The way Jack chose to explain himself during his toast was so cool and Jack-like. Needless to say, I'm very glad they worked things out!

Transference by Brenda and ELG: This was a great h/c story and romance. I loved alpha Jack going against impossible odds to keep Daniel safe. I loved that no one cared about Jack back at the SGC - very funny! And of course the massage and subsequent events were wonderful.

Raindrops by Geminia: This started off so angsty I could barely stand it, but the resolution was so lovely, it was certainly worth it!

Favorite Artwork:

Sketch by Wilma on page 198. I LOVE this sketch and have looked at it over and over. It evokes such love and tenderness and comfort. Just wonderful. My favorite SG sketch ever! I'd love to see more like this...

Photo manip on page 201 - lovely photos of the boys, and overall color tones

Photo manip on page 133 - because I can be shallow, too!

Charcoal by Amy on page 117 - great colors and expressions

— Michelle

Zine: Pretense 1

Photo manipulation:

Cover by Alice. This was a very nice cover. She did an excellent job.

Favorite stories:

(1) Slave by Puff and Ruffle

I loved the story line of Jack and Daniel having Amnesia and going about their business. Interesting that Daniel is thrown into the servitude role. (I guess we all love this of our favorite man.)

(2) Perfect setting by Circe

I believe I mentioned in a prior zine review that I love anything by Circe. Daniel kidnapped by the bounty hunter. Delicious. I don't think the bounty hunter knew he would have his hands full with Daniel.

Zine: Pretense 2

Favorite piece of hand drawn art:

Page 87 by Leah. Daniel as a Christmas present.

Love it. Brings a smile to my face each time I read it.

Favorite photo manipulation:

Page 53 by Amy

Jack/Daniel. Lovely painted portrait. Lovely choice of colors.

Page 123 by Amy

Daniel in leather jacket. He can show up anytime at my house in the baby. Definite drool factor.

Favorite stories:

(1) Prior Claim by Circe

I bought this zine for this piece. I have not found any story by Circe that I haven't enjoyed. Daniel trying to conceal his encounter from Jack, priceless.

(2) Comfort by Circe

I loved this one with Jack and Daniel being stuck in a close confined space together. They seem to enjoy themselves greatly.

(3) Submission by Penelope

Jack doing what he can to make sure that Daniel is not hurt as if a stranger had been with him. I love the first time stories when the two realize their feelings for each other.

(4) Walk in the rain by Quinn

Daniel having to sort out his feelings the best way he can at the moment. Haven't we all. This story was very touching.

Zine: Pretense 3

Favorite photo manipulation:

There are so many in this zine.

(1) Cover by Cat's meow. Love Jack and Daniel at the DHD. I love the colors.

(2) Page 87. (Not sure of artist. Possibly Corinna or Amy) Jack and Daniel. Here again I love it because of the colors

(3) Page 133. (Not sure of artist) Jack and Daniel Sunbathing. Drool factor with this one.

(4) Page 63 by Amy. Jack and Daniel. Here again the colors.

(5) Page 195. Jack and Daniel. Daniel in the blue robe great to show off his eyes.

Favorite drawings:

(1) Page 106 by Wilma. Wilma does great drawings.

(2) Page 117 by Amy. A soft painting of Jack and Daniel. Beautiful.

(3) Page 181 by Leah. Jell-O wrestling match. Very funny.

(4) Page 198 by Wilma. Jack and Daniel asleep.

Favorite stories:

(1) Points of Authority by Deborah Louise Gough.

I bought the zine mainly for this story. Deborah is a great author. Yes I am partial to a little Daniel whumping. What can I say it's that Florence Nightingale effect in me.

(2) Paradise by Puff and Ruffle.

Jack and Daniel running from the not so friendly natives. In the long run discovering their feelings for each other. I am also partial to first time stories and this fits that bill.

Before I start with the final zine for this I would like to say that the preparation of the zine is excellent. I love the way the binding is. It is easy to turn the pages and you don't have to worry about the spine when you prop it just to the page you are reading. Also I love the type setting you have chosen to do the zines with. It is not too small. Very easy to read and follow. The double column makes it for an easy read as well. I have had problems with other zines because of the type set. Ashton press is in my top 2 list of producers of my favorite zines.

I also need to mention that all items in these zines are excellent. It has been difficult picking a few. Everyone who contributes to these zines deserves a big hand. Just because a particular piece wasn't picked for this feedback should in no way diminish the quality that the person put into the piece.

Zine: Pretense 4

Favorite manipulation photos:

Back cover by Sgt. Siler: Jack and Daniel in the water. I love the B & W format that was chosen for this. I don't feel it would have the same impact if it had been in color. Also I love page 49 and page 73 as well by the same individual. Here again the black and white was the way to go for these photos.

Amy. Page 5 and Page 39. On page 5 we have Jack and Daniel with a desert backdrop. Upon closer examination you can even see a cartouche in the sand. Very clever. On page 39 the cover for "Deferred pleasures" I love the celestial look with the blues. Very nice.

Cat's Meow. Page 219. The letter from Jack with Daniel on the side and the figures climbing a dune in the dusk of the evening. Excellent use of browns and earth tones.

Kristina. Page 191. Nude Daniel in center with 6 individual photos of Jack and Daniel together. I just loved looking at this.

Corinna. Page 25. Jack and Daniel. Army greens. Serious expressions on each of their faces. Excellent choice for the cover of "Baseball & Bicycles" story.

Favorite drawings:

Wilma. Page 162. Daniel holding a pole. Very lovely. The pencil brings out the softness of the picture. Page 87. Daniel loving Jack. Beautiful. I love the contrast of the darks and lights the pencil creates.

Leah. Page 31. Page 124. Page 190. When I was first looking over the zine fresh from the mail just flipping through I came first to Jonas reading Daniel's journal (Page 124). I laughed so hard I had to show my niece and read it to her. I love the very naked Daniel and very hot Jack on the descension one on Page 190. And Jack going after the crocodile with Daniel watching his six is just priceless.

Favorite stories:

A large part on the ones I chose are the first time stories.

Deferred pleasures by Circe. I always love seeing Jack and Daniel get out of peril and realize that they mean more to each other than what was realized. The importance of being with each other.

Therapy by Penelope. Daniel's stubbornness is exemplified in this story. He is like a pit bull when it comes to protecting the people he loves and cares about.

You are mine by Wilma Hoogland. Hey what do you know she can write as well as draw. Some great imagery with Chepre (Ra's brother). Great story.

Unburdened by Nancy. Daniel tripping a Goa’uld mine and Jack helping him. Jack realizes the importance of Daniel to him when he thinks he has lost him. Lovely story.

Just good friends by ELG. Here again starting out as good friends and realizing the importance of each other in the long run in this case at Sara's wedding. Jack realizing he did have more than he thought when the trip first started.

Thank you for allowing our comments. — Renee

Hello Ashton!

Wonderful idea, the feedback raffle!

Okay, here comes my feedback [for Pretense 4]:

1. Favorite story:

Just good friends (ELG)

Wonderfully written story! It describes Jack in all his depths, his fears, his pain, his soul, his heart ... I love Jack, so I love beautifully written stories that describe Jack just the way I see him. A very moving story!!!

2. Fav piece of hand drawn art:

 1. Wilma, page 87
 2. Wilma, page 143
 3. Leah Rosenthal, page 190

3. Fav photo manipulation:

 1. Amy, page 5
 2. sgtsiler, back cover


 Just one: CAN'T WAIT FOR PRETENSE 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessed be, Sylke

Feedback for Go Fish by Xochiquetzl in Pretense #1

Let me start by saying that I think this has one of the funniest lines that I've read for a long time. I'm talking, of course, about "I Free Willied the damned Phish!"

lol - made me rofl the first time I read it, and makes me lol still, even though I know exactly what's coming. The beauty of the line is that I can so clearly hear Jack saying it. In fact, that's the beauty of the whole story, I can hear Daniel and Jack throughout - their thoughts, banter and even Jack's singing is spot-on.

The first paragraph sets the tone of the story perfectly, Jack's repeated "naked" (or "not naked" at one point) comments had me grinning, and with some very simple lines you'd set the scene. I can see them now, Jack sitting there trying to fish but unable to take his eyes off Daniel, Daniel totally oblivious and in his own little book world.

The dialogue was spot on, from Jack's "Whatcha doin'?" to the sickly sweet endearments <g> to Jack's use of books to get Daniel into bed (logical, sensible move, if you ask me!) is totally in character.

I love a teasing, mischievous Jack, and I especially love a Daniel who fights the teasing, gives as good as he gets and then gives Jack what they both want!

As well as having one of the funniest lines, this story also has one of the warmest, fuzziest paragraphs - the one about "gooey, afterglow Daniel." Awww... the perfect end to a perfect fic.

Thanks, Xoch. — Helen

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